Thursday, 29 December 2016

Winter update:

The Christmas elves have been out decorating the entrance. A hearty thank you to everyone to come and stayed with us last year.

Winter pondering .. 
Life on an arable in some respects is simpler. By Mid November, the field gates would shut as the growing seaon draws to a halt and there is a sense of closure with the onset of winter. With livestock, it just gets busier. Working with the animals means that there is always something to do, even on Christmas and New Year's day. Be it moving them, putting bedding down or feeding them.

It is the same for our small flock of Jacobs at Golden Grove. Now that we have moved in the suckler herd on the farm into the yards, we are planning to move the sheep to a smaller more sheltered field during the winter time and will stay there until lambing in March so that we can catch lambs more easily! It is difficult enough in a tiny field, imagine or perhaps you have seen us running around on a five acre field!!

This year's lamb has been given out to friends and family as mini thank you and Christmas presents. It is wonderful to explain that they really do come from down the road and have been fed on grass and a few nuts. Feedback is that you can really taste the difference.

Traditionally in the shops, you see lambs ready for the Easter market. These lambs will have been born in Winter and been fatten on a lot of cereal concentrates. Whereas we follow the traditional routine of Spring lambing when the weather is warmer for the young lambs to survive and the grass is growing full of goodness.  So hoping for a successful lambing season ahead when the weather is better.

Happy New Year.
Best wishes

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