Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Thanking all Romans for bunnies. 

The Romans brought to these shores many ideas and innovations that we 
are thankful for from straight roads to central heating and pear trees. 
Yet I recently learnt that the innocent rabbit can also be added to the 
list and has been eating his way through the British countryside ever 

An evening stroll to check all is ok, reveals I have a rabbit problem. 
With a wide swept of the torch across the fields, I catch the startled 
rabbits mid munch close by. They then continue unashamedly undisturbed 
in their eating. I am not sure what to do about them. 
I recently read* that in Australia rabbits have descimenated what 
precious little grass there is and damage crops to the extent that 
farmers have erected 'rabbit proof fencing'. Imported by British 
settlers excessive rabbit population have contributed to the destruction
of Australia's agriculture and its fragile environment. Who would have 
guessed, these cute bunnies immortalised in children's classics like 
Watership Down would have such an impact?
At Golden Grove, I understand that guests come to watch and enjoy the 
variety of animals about from Buzzards hoovering in the far end corner; 
to fallow deer that run through the parkland that adjoins us to escapee 
Pheasants from the nearby shoot, so the moment the rabbits remain a 
numerous as ever. 
*Jared Dimond 'Collapse - How societies choose to fail or survive.' Penguin

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